8 Gorgeous DIY Makeup Organization and Storage Ideas

by - August 24, 2015

photo credit: vee* via photopin cc

Every beauty-obsessed girl has some way she stores her makeup and beauty products, but are you happy with the way your's looks? Personally, I feel like I'm always looking for a prettier way to store and display my products. The store-bought makeup organizers can be super expensive, though, and there are plenty of ways you can create your own storage! You can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube for DIY storage and organization ideas, but I've compiled a list of my personal favorites here for you guys. With the help of these tutorials you can DIY some gorgeous makeup organization and storage without having to shell out the big bucks.

1. DIY Rotating Nail Polish & Jewelry Display (via Anneorshine)

2. DIY Mirrored Vanity Tray (via PinkSoFoxy)

3. DIY Makeup Holder/Jewelry Display (via LisaPullano)

4. DIY Makeup Organization Caddy (via DazzleDIY)

5.Thrifty DIY Makeup Storage (via GlamourMakeupByNancy)

6. DY Makeup/Jewelry Organizer (via LaurDIY)

7. DIY Vanity & Makeup Storage Set (via URBANOG.com)

8. DIY Makeup Storage: Cake Stand (via TheCameraLiesBeauty)

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