Kendall Jenner's Beauty Secrets and Fashion Favorites

by - February 13, 2015

Kendall Jenner, born November 3, 1995, is an American television personality and model best known for her role in E!'s reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kendall is tall, thin and absolutely gorgeous, and her beauty and fashion looks are admired by many. Here are some of the things she has said about her beauty tips and fashion favorites in past interviews with various magazines:

When Hollywood Life asked Kendall her tips for her healthy skin, she responded with "washing your face, eating right, and drinking lots of water." Sounds simple enough!

Teen Fashion also spoke with Kendall about her beauty and fashion advice. She describes her personal style as "classic and chic", she hates "heavy makeup", and her favorite fashion and beauty trends are "fun nail colors, bronze tone eye-shadows and cool ponytails".  Her secret weapons for looking fresh are "blotting papers and hairbands".

Here's what Kendall and Kylie said about their getting ready routine for a big night out. They usually pick their outfits, then shower, shave and moisturize. The hair and makeup crew shows up when it's a really big event, but if not they just do it themselves. They say they always listen to fun music while they get ready, and their last stop before they head out is lipgloss and perfume.

Kendall's fall fashion essentials? Slouchy, off-the-shoulder sweaters, combat boots, skinny jeans and jackets- and when she gets stuck in a fashion rut, she says she loves to raid her sisters' closets!

Just a few more of Kendall's tips from HerCampus- Kendall says that she gets her inspiration for her looks from the mood, the weather and the event she's going to, and she likes to stay active by horseback riding, running and swimming. Judging from the photo below of her and Khloe, let's add hiking to the list!

photo credit: EyesOnFire89 via photopin cc

In case y'all didn't know already, Kendall and Kylie's back-to-school 2014 collection is available in-stores and online at Pac-Sun now!

Bored? Checkout these videos from Seventeen magazine from a couple years ago- they're a bit vintage, but still fun to watch!

Closet Tour:

Kendall's Modeling Advice:

Most Embarrassing Clothes:

And here's a more recent one where she and Kylie sat down for a #KUWTKHangout:

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