5 Tips for Dealing With Dry Under Eyes

by - February 05, 2017

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Throughout the year, but especially in the dry winter months, some of us experience dry, flaky under eyes. In addition to being a little uncomfortable and tight depending on how dry they are, it's nearly impossible to find a concealer that won't cake up immediately. So here are my favorite tips and tricks for dealing with dry under eyes!

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1. Oils nightly and eye creams daily

Before I started noticing that my under eyes were looking very dry, I was using just a basic eye cream both morning and night. While I thought this was enough, it obviously wasn't as the skin was super dry and puffy all the time. After looking around for solutions to dry under eyes, I decided to try using argan oil for a little while to see if it would help. The oil improved the dryness almost immediately and lasted until the next day! Now, I stick with my regular eye cream in the morning but slather on a couple drops of argan oil under my eyes at night under my facial moisturizer. Since using this tip, I haven't had a problem with caky concealer or tightness at all! You can pick up 100% argan oil at moth health food and beauty stores, and there are tons of uses for it, so check it out it if you are a dry-skin sufferer like myself!

2. Remove eye makeup with vaseline

This is a great tip both economically and beauty-wise. Pick up a tub of Vaseline and simply rub a pinch of it over your eyes and rinse with water until your eye makeup is removed. Vaseline is super cheap and won't dry out your eye area like some store-bought eye makeup removers.

3. Weekly treatments

Eye masks have become super popular recently at the beauty store, and for good reason. They're easy to apply, quick and the results are pretty good! Apply the sticky eye patches to the area under the eyes, wait 20-30 minutes (or the time indicated in the instructions), remove and you're done! Try doing it between once a week to every other day, as needed. Slather on moisturizing eye cream or oils after you remove your patches to make the skin feel extra soothed. Some varieties of eye treatments can be pricey, but look around at Ulta or online to find some cheaper alternatives. Checkout my post on DIY eye masks here!

4. Humidify!

One of the most common reasons we actually get dry under eyes is from a lack of moisture in the air. Leaving a humidifier on at night (or during the day if you're around) can do wonders for restoring moisture to your under eye area and to the rest of your face, too. If you've never tried a humidifier, check out my post here for more reasons you should consider using one!

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5. Moisturizing concealer

This tip won't make your under eyes dramatically more moisturized, but it can help if your concealer starts to look caky, flaky or patchy throughout the day. Try switching to a moisturizing concealer like Benefit Fake-Up, or one that's geared toward anti-aging, as they tend to be more moisturizing and have more skincare benefits.

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