Our Wedding Cake + Tips To Choose Your's!

by - July 25, 2018


Our wedding cake was quite honestly one of my favorite parts of our wedding. It turned out so beautifully, even better than I imagined, and every time I see it in pictures I am amazed at the level detail and how well it fit in our reception. We chose a white chocolate wedding cake flavor with a pistachio buttercream filling! The cake is frosted in buttercream and all of the gold branches and flower details are made from sugar! 

Going into the wedding cake selection process, I was so overwhelmed. There were so many vendors to choose from, I couldn't decide on a design, and it seemed like I couldn't find a combination of flavors that would please the wedding party and our 150+ guests! But after it turned out so beautifully, I would love to share my tips that will hopefully help you out.

1. Meet with multiple vendors

Sure, it takes time and effort to drive to multiple cake shops and bring your fiance (or other members or your bridal party), but many cake tastings are included in the price of your cake and you would not be charged- check with the bakery first what they charge for a tasting before you schedule! We met with 3 different vendors and the last one blew me away compared to the others we met. 

2. Scour Pinterest

Pinterest is the ultimate place for finding ideas on wedding cakes. I recommend setting up a separate board and pinning all the cakes you like, and then narrowing it down to a few of your favorites. Take the pictures with you to your cake tasting and show it to the decorator. In our case, I brought 5 pictures and she looked through them and created a design that incorporated everything that I loved!

3. Don't stress about the flavor

You can't please everyone when it comes to your wedding cake flavor. I wanted to do something a bit different and I felt the pistachio filling added a level of sophistication and uniqueness to the cake. I paired it with the white chocolate cake because that is a flavor many of our guests would enjoy. I also chose the white chocolate because I love the look of a white wedding cake but wanted something a bit different. If you and your fiance can't seem to agree on a flavor, you can always split the cake into 2 different flavors, but we only had one flavor so that the cake was easier to serve. 

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